Mobile Totes Betting Online

Betting on horse and greyhound races has become something close to a national obsession in Australia. One of the most important aspects to successful mobile racing betting is to pick the right totes.

Comprised of all the punters’ bets, a tote is a pooled bet that is portioned out among the winners, according to the odds at which the bet closed. Picking the best tote betting online could result in fantastic payouts.

Given the huge amounts of money wagered on events such as the horse racing world’s Victoria Derby, Caulfield and Melbourne cups, Kentucky Derby, and Durban July Handicap, punters would do well to familiarise themselves with these totes.

Tote Boards and the Thrill of the Unknown

Increase the anticipation, excitement and suspense of racing betting at your leisure by selecting the best mobile totes betting. You will find that, before the race starts, the tote board will keep changing.

This means you won’t know the exact odds of your bet until betting has closed, as the odds are determined by the number of punters who have contributed to the pool. If a large number of people have placed a certain bet, the payout will not be as much as if a long shot were to win.

Mobile racing betting allows for a remarkable number of betting options, and the best mobile totes betting online are made up of several of these options. Punters in Australia who don’t bet on the horses often tend to favour simpler bets such as Win or Place bets, while more experienced punters often prefer more exotic bets.

Every Betting Option a Chance to Win with Mobile Totes

Most Australian mobile betting sites offer an array of horse and greyhound racing betting options, so punters can enjoy thrilling betting action at their convenience. Picking the best mobile totes bettingis a sure way to increase your chances of a payout, whether you bet on daily local races, or the racing world’s grand international events.

The best totes betting online comprise different betting options, among them Placepot, Quadpot, Exacta, Trifecta, Jackpot, Swinger, and Scoop 6 bets. Place and Win bets are also popular bet choices, when it comes to totes.

Some Tote Betting Online Options in a Nut Shell

The unfamiliar names given to many racing betting options can be confusing for punters who are new to the sport. Understanding these different bets is important when picking the best mobile tote betting online.

A Placepot is when a punter totes bets on a horse for each of the day’s six races. Your chosen horse needs to place in a payout position in each race for you to qualify for a payout. A Quadpot is when a punter bets on horses to place or win in the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth races.

An Exacta is when a punter bets on horses to place first and second in a race, while a Trifecta is when a punter bets on horses to place in the top three positions. A Jackpot is when a punter bets on horses to win in each race for six races.

Another of the best totes betting online is the Swinger. This option sees punters pick two horses to place in the top three. With the Scoop 6, punters bet on horses to win all six of the day’s races.

When a punter bets on a horse to place second or third, the bet is known as a Place bet, while a bet on a horse to win the race is a Win bet.

Pick up the Best Mobile Totes Betting

Improve your chances of a great payout by picking the best tote betting online. Bet wisely, and you could win a fortune now.