Mobile Darts Betting

If your only exposure to the game of darts has been in pubs or someone’s backyard during a barbeque, you’ll be forgiven for assuming that darts is purely a game of luck or chance. Those who have witnessed true talent like that of current world leader, Phil Taylor, at work, however, know better.

For professional players like Phil, darts is far more than an idle distraction – it is a full-time, internationally competitive sport that requires expert skill and can pay out millions of dollars in prize money.

Naturally, this has caught the attention of sports punters, who are always in search of wagers where skill holds more sway than luck. Only trouble is, you won’t find your nearest Australian sports stadium hosting darts tournaments every other weekend.

This is where television and the Internet come to the rescue. Owing to its great spectator appeal, darts is a widely televised sport so you don’t have to attend a tourney in person to soak up the action. Thanks to the Internet, you don’t have to be there to bet on it either.

In fact, you can now wager on your favourite professional darts players anytime, anywhere, with mobile darts betting via your smart phone or iPad betting app! Presented here are Australia’s finest mobile darts betting sites, offering the most exciting bets, best odds and huge payouts on a large variety of tournaments taking place worldwide throughout the year.

Plenty of Darts Betting Options For Mobile

There are essentially three main types of bet in darts betting: outright bets, match bets and set bets.

The most common and simplest of these is the outright bet. Basically, your chosen darts betting site will offer odds next to the names of all of the players listed on their books. An outright bet involves wagering on one of these players to win the tournament.

The stronger the player, the lower the odds. This means that, although you are more likely to win on a dominant player, your payout will be substantially lower than if you take a gamble on an underdog and they take a surprise victory.

The remaining two types of darts betting apply to individual matches and sets instead of the entire tournament.

A particularly exciting element of darts betting is that you can bet on darts tournaments live, as they happen, either on television or streaming from your site of choice.

Major Darts Tournaments

International darts events are generally governed by either the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) or the British Darts Organization (BDO).

Some of the most prominent PDC events include the UK Open, the PDC World Championship, Las Vegas Desert Classic, Darts Premier League, World Match Play, and the World Grand Prix.

The BDO’s Darts World Championship is considered to be one of the most prestigious tournaments in the world.

The premier mobile darts betting sites recommended here also offer odds on Australian tournaments such as the Sydney Tour, Australian Grand Masters, Pacific Masters and many more.

Start Mobile Darts Betting After Signing up

If you’re ready to enter the exciting arena of darts betting, there is bound to be an event in progress somewhere in the world right now. All you need to do is sign up for accounts with one or two of the top Australian mobile betting sites listed here, shop around for the best odds and free bets, and pick your winner!