Mobile Tennis Betting

As host to the 102-year-old Grand Slam, the Australian Open, Australia has a rich heritage of tennis and has produced some of the greatest tennis players of all time, such as Rod Laver and Margaret Court. With Australians also being well known as a nation of avid sports betters, it stands to reason that tennis betting is an enormously popular pastime down under.

In recent years, tennis betting has been revolutionised by the advent of mobile internet technology with mobile bookmakers now allow punters to place bets anytime, anywhere, via their smartphones or tablets.

Women’s, Men’s, Singles & Doubles Tennis Bets

One of the beauties of tennis is that it has so many categories, including men’s and ladies’ divisions as well as singles and doubles. Unlike in many other sports, women’s and men’s tennis are equally followed with millions of supporters cheering on both their female and their male favourites.

Doubles matches pit two teams of two players each against one another for an additional thrilling element. Mixed doubles are even more interesting in that they present the rare occurrence of men and women playing together in the same game.

With mobile tennis betting, you are able to weigh in on all of these variants.

Grand Slam Tennis

Four times a year, for a couple of weeks, Australia and the rest of the tennis-loving world comes to a standstill for the four greatest tennis events on Earth.

The Australian Open, the French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open present their winners with multi-million dollar prizes and attract similar amounts globally in tennis betting. To win all four Grand Slams (especially in a single year) is the ultimate height to which a tennis player can aspire.

An exciting element of professional tennis is that it is known as much for its persistently dominant players as for surprise upsets where an extreme underdog rockets up the ranks to snatch victory from a top-seeded favourite. This makes wagering on a long shot particularly appealing in tennis betting.

The Australian Open

The Australian Open is the main reason why Australians are so tennis crazy. It attracts the world’s finest tennis players to Melbourne each year and its AU$ 33 million in prize money is certainly not anything to be sniffed at.

As the first Grand Slam of the year, it is an ideal place for punters to begin to get an idea of what to expect from players each season.

Multiple Types of Mobile Tennis Betting

Tennis betting is just as diverse as the sport itself with numerous betting options available to both the seasonal tennis bettor and the seasoned sports punter.

Outright bets are wagers on individual players to win the finals of a tournament, whereas set and match bets allow bettors to wager on sets or matches in the Fed Cup, regardless of the outcome of the tourney. Lay bets are a fun alternative to traditional wagers and allow punters to bet on the loser instead of the winner.

For the ultimate tennis betting rush, many of the mobile sites listed here allow live betting, so you can really get absorbed into the court as you battle it out against constantly changing odds as the match unfolds.

Start your Tennis Betting Adventure on Mobile Today

We have compiled a list of the ultimate Australian mobile betting sites that offer tennis betting that is safe, simple, convenient and exciting. These sites present the best odds and betting variety on the broadest array of local and international tennis tournaments.