Mobile Horse Betting

With more racecourses than any other country and a rich racing history reaching back to the earliest days of European settlement, Australia is now one of the three leading thoroughbred racing nations in the world. And, with a massive AU$14 billion spent annually on horse betting, we are anything but passive spectators. This explains why horse racing has become the second most punted sport on the Internet, with millions of people now enjoying the unmistakeable adrenaline rush of a horse betting app from the comfort of their own homes.

In fact, with mobile horse betting, Australians can now make deposits, place wagers, check odds, withdraw winnings and more wherever they are, at any time. All they need is an internet connection, a mobile device like a smartphone or iPad betting app, and an account with a mobile horse betting sportsbook. The safe, easy to use Australian mobile horse bettingĀ app and sites listed here offer the best odds, interesting betting options and huge payouts on a vast array of local and international races for various operating systems, including iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, and more.

Hundreds of Horse Races Betting Options

Because mobile horse betting immunises you against travel and time restraints, it allows you to punt on races taking place all over the world and not just those in your backyard.

Mobile horse betting enables bettors to weigh in on Australian icons like the Victoria Derby, Cox Plate, Crown Oaks Day, and Melbourne and Caulfield Cups, as well as legendary international race days like The Grand National, Kentucky Derby, and Dubai and Ryder Cups. There are also numerous lesser races taking place every weekend.

Best Mobile Horse Betting App

Possibly one of the greatest features of a horse betting app is the great number of betting options, varying in riskiness and complexity, available to suit every taste.

These options are generally divided into straight bets, multi bets and exotic bets.

Straight bets, as their name suggests, are fairly straightforward. They include wins, which involve betting on a horse to win a race, and places, which involve betting on the first two or three (sometimes more) horses to finish in the money. Another straight bet variant is the each way, which combines the win and the place.

Multi bets extend the horse betting app fun to multiple races. Doubles, for example, require the punter to accurately predict the winner of two separate races and risk losing the entire payout if just one of the two horses fails to win its race. Treble bets take the number of races to three, whilst parlays (also known as all ups or accumulators) are wagers on the winners of an entire series of races.

Arguably the most thrilling wagering options of mobile horse betting are the exotic bets. They are more complex and generally involve greater risk for bigger rewards. A quinella, for example, is a bet on the horses to place first and second, regardless of their order. An exacta, by contrast, requires the punter to predict the exact order to the top two finishers. A trifecta takes this to the top three and a First Four to the top four finishers.

Start Betting on Horses with Mobile Bookmakers

All you need to do is reach for your smartphone or tablet and sign up for an account with one of our fine Australian mobile betting sites, make a deposit, and place your bets. You could be on the homestretch to your first big horse betting app win!