Mobile Boxing Betting

For as long as human beings have engaged in sporting contests, other human beings have been placing wagers on the winner. And the sport-and-betting combination that predates them all is boxing betting.

The passing of time and introduction of formal rules and regulations has done nothing to diminish the popularity of this ancient pastime. If anything, boxing betting is now more popular than at any other time in history, with people now able to view matches as they unfold live on TV and place wagers online from the comfort of their own homes or even on the move, using their smartphones or iPad betting apps.

Meanwhile, as a nation renowned for its sporting excellence, passionate fan support and love of betting, Australia is home to hundreds of thousands of boxing fans, ever on the lookout for a good bout to bet on – whether at home or further afield.

We present here a list of the finest Australian mobile boxing betting sites that offer the most matches, best odds, largest payouts and more!

Boxing Betting Opportunities For Mobile

With the advent of the Internet and live television broadcasts, punters are no longer restricted to weighing in on only those matches that they are able to attend in person. You don’t have to travel all the way to the Garden to witness and wager on every blow of the World Heavyweight Championship.

This has opened boxing betting up wide – thousands of fights are now accessible to millions of punters worldwide almost daily!

From Europe, Britain and America to home soil, the mobile boxing betting sites on our books provide access to matches on every scale in every weight class by all the major international and Australian sanctioning bodies, including WBO, IBF, WBC, WBA, ANBF, and many more.

Whilst local bouts remain ideal choices because of time-zone and media coverage constraints, loads of Australian mobile boxing betting fans weigh in on countless international bouts each week. Many more won’t hesitate to occasionally burn the midnight oil in wait of a major, highly televised fight like a World Championship even if it’s on the other side of the planet – especially if there’ll be an Australian in the ring.

A Variety of Boxing Betting Ways

Settling on a fight to bet on is just the beginning since betting on a winner is but one of numerous wagering options. Once you become more familiar with boxing betting and have done extensive research on previous matches, coaching staff, boxer injuries and other important information, you’ll be ready to try out more interesting options than simple player-to-win bets.

You may, for example, place an over-under bet on how long you think the match will last or you may bet on the exact round in which your chosen contender will take the fight.

You can also wager on the way in which your player will win; i.e. by knock-out, decision or technical decision, and the exact point spread at the end of the bout.

When there are multiple bouts in a single fight night, top mobile boxing betting sites will even offer odds on more exotic wagers, similar to those in horseracing, to pick winners for them all.

Start Mobile Boxing Betting with Just a Few Clicks

Fixing for a fight? Simply consult our reviews and take your pick from the top Australian mobile boxing betting bookmakers listed here. We recommend that you sign up with more than one site so that you can shop around for the best odds, payouts and free bets.

Pretty soon, you could be punting on a prize fighter!