Mobile Golf Betting

Since they first played the game in Scotland over 500 years ago, golfers have enjoyed a good gentleman’s wager on the outcome of their sport. As golf has become professionalised, however, betting on it has become a sport all on its own with spectators both on the green and the couch eagerly weighing in.

In Australia, golf courses are as much a part of the scenery as the Sydney Opera House, Fraser Island, the Great Barrier Reef or MacKenzie Falls and golf and golf betting are equally entrenched in our sports- and punting-crazy culture. And now, thanks to exponential advances in mobile internet technology, Australian punters can place golf bet on golf tournaments in progress down under or anywhere in the world using a smart phone or tablet device – wherever, whenever.

The premier Australian mobile sportsbooks recommended on this site are highly secure and easy to use. They offer the Web’s most exciting golf betting options with the best odds and the largest payouts plus some great promotions and mobile free bets.

Simple Yet Exciting Golf Bets

In contrast to the game itself, golf betting is very easy to break down to its bare essentials. There are basically two types of golf bets available – tournament bets and matchup bets.

The former is popular with novice bettors and involves simply putting your money on the golfer that you think will win ultimately win a tournament. Whilst this form of golf betting is a nice way to get your feet wet, it can present certain challenges. For one thing, when a golfer is on a winning streak as Tiger Woods was for most of the 2000s, this sort of betting will offer very low odds since the outcome of each major event seems almost guaranteed. At other times, when there is no one dominant player, the odds will look a lot better but, with top players competing at such a close level, trying to pick a winner becomes far more about luck than betting skill.

This is why more experienced punters often prefer to golf bets on matchups between two individual players – whether they are on the bottom rung or at the top of their game. With golf being such an individual sport and players’ unique styles attracting personal fan followings, this sort of golf betting adds a whole new dimension of excitement to the game. All you have to do is predict which golfer will end up higher in the standings once the tournament is over. Knowing your players and their history on the course in question will make all the difference to your picking a winner.

PGA, Second-Tier, Pro-am & Masters Golf Betting

All mobile golf betting sites will offer odds on top international tourneys like the Masters Tournament, US Open, Open Championship, PGA Championship and the Australian Open. But only the best will offer golf betting odds on a vast array of other divisions, including women’s, second-tier and pro-amateur golf. Look out for all of these exciting varieties such as Masters golf betting with the top mobile sportsbooks listed here.

Tee off to Huge Wins with Mobile Golf Betting Now

You may not be able to make it to the course but you can still get in on the action. Simply register for an account with a few of the golf betting sites listed here, pick a tournament and pick a winner. Imagine what you might do with your winnings… Perhaps take a trip to a few stops along a PGA tour?