Mobile Rugby Betting

The National Rugby League is the most viewed and attended rugby football club competition in the world and Australian rugby fans remain amongst the most passionate on Earth!

Rugby has also become a favourite of spectators in search of a bigger rush in the form of sports mobile betting. In fact, these days, rugby betting even trumps horseracing in terms of the amount of punters it attracts.

This soaring uptake in the number of Australian rugger punters is largely due to the advent of mobile rugby betting, which allows bettors to place rugby bets wherever they are via the Internet, using a smartphone or tablet.

Choose Union, League or Both

Australian rugby is divided into two different strands, The Australian Rugby Union (ARU) and National Rugby League (NRL), each with its own unique features and rules, both for play and for rugby betting.

Between the ARU and NRL, there is no such as thing as off season for Australian rugby betting, especially when your mobile device grants you to instant access to matches on the other side of the country or even the world!

Smart Mobile Rugby Bets

As with all sports betting, rugby betting differs from other forms of gambling in that it is not purely a game of chance. To the contrary, the outcome of a rugby match is strongly influenced by numerous identifiable factors such as team form, weather and field conditions, player injuries, and the like.

This means that rugby betting can be very lucrative indeed for those with the punting prowess to accurately assess information such as team and player records, weather forecasts, expert analyses, and more.

The only significant rugby betting pitfall to watch out for is allowing your heart, instead of your head, to govern your rugby betting decisions. Smart, experienced punters place their money on the team that appears most likely to win, even if that means betting against their personal favourites.

Plenty of Rugby Betting Options for Mobile

With so many teams and variants, it’s unsurprising that rugby betting options abound and vary from straightforward to exotic, satisfying the punting preferences of everyone from the greenest of gamblers to the highest of rollers.

Since the rugby bets available are largely influenced by the type of rugby in play, rugby betting options vary from one time of year to the next.

The test series is the world’s favourite form of rugby tournament as it brings various national sides up against one another for international glory. The greatest of these, the IRB Rugby World Cup, is set to take place once more this year and is sure to attract millions of rugby bets from around the world!

Punters will weigh in on everything from which team will win a particular match, the points spread of a match, which team will win the tournament and the final log standings.

Rugby bets on specific players will also be a popular choice, with punters putting their money on particular team members to produce certain results, a popular variety of which is the tryscorer bet, which identifies the player who will score the first try, the most tries or the final try of a game or the entire tournament.

Meanwhile, NRL and other variants like Sevens rugby, each with their own spectrum of rugby betting options, will continue in full force.

Start Exploring Mobile Rugby Betting Options Now

Whether you’re keen on NRL or ARU, exotic or straight rugby bets – exciting wins await you at Australia’s finest mobile betting sportsbooks. Simply sign up for an account and begin your rugby betting adventure!