Mobile Greyhound Betting Australia

Australians’ love of greyhound racing is about as old as our passion for punting, which explains why we are one of only eight countries in the world that practises professional greyhound racing. Literally hundreds of races take place annually across the various territories.

The trouble with all of these races is that it’s impossible to make it to the track to attend them all, to say nothing of the thousands more occurring worldwide!

This is why greyhound betting snaps at the heels of horse racing as one of Australians’ favourite internet punting sports, with more and more bettors now weighing in wherever they are, whenever they choose, via their smartphones or tablet devices. All they need is an internet connection and an account with a mobile greyhound betting bookmaker. The safe, user-friendly Australian mobile greyhound betting sites listed here offer the best odds, thrilling betting options and exciting payouts on a wide range of local and international races.

Hundreds of Local & International Greyhound Races

Mobile greyhound betting enables bettors to weigh in on Australian icons like the MTD Australian Cup, Sky Racing Perth Cup, Golden Easter Egg and the world’s richest and most prestigious race, the Melbourne Cup, as well as famous international race days like the Greyhound Derby. There are also many lesser races taking place every weekend.

Plenty of Mobile Greyhound Betting Options

Like horse betting, greyhound betting boasts a very large number of wagering options, varying in riskiness and intricacy, to suit the preferences of practised punters and beginner bettors alike.

They are generally categorised as either straight, multi or exotic bets.

The simplest and most common of these are straight bets. Straight bets include wins, which involve betting on a dog to win a race, and places, which entail wagering on the first two or three (sometimes more) dogs to finish in the money. Another straight bet option is the each way, which merges the win and the place.

With greyhound betting, multi bets are a way to extend bets to multiple races. For example, doubles involve predicting the winner of two separate races, at the risk of losing the entire bet if just one of the two dogs fails to win its race. Treble bets apply to three races, whilst parlays are wagers on the winners of a whole series of races.

Possibly the most exciting greyhound betting option is the exotic bet. Exotic bets are more complicated and usually require you to take a greater risk for a shot at a larger payout. An example of an exotic bet is a quinella. A quinella is a bet on the dogs to place first and second, irrespective of their order. Then you have the exacta, which requires the bettor to predict the specific order of the top two placers. A trifecta, as you may imagine, extends this to the top three and a First Four extends it to the top four.

For an added greyhound betting rush, the sportsbooks profiled here take live bets on races as they unfold!

Start Mobile Greyhound Betting Right Away

Simply power up your smartphone or tablet and sign up for an account with one of our exceptional mobile greyhound betting sites, make a deposit, and place your bets. Your dog may just be about to have its day!