Mobile Soccer Betting

Association football or “soccer”, as it is known in Australia, is the most popular sport on Earth! It is played by over 250 million people in more than 200 countries and the 2010 final of the FIFA World Cup was watched by 910 million viewers worldwide, including hundreds of thousands of Australians.

While rugby remains most Australians’ favourite contact ball-sport, soccer fever is also rapidly on the rise with local sports fans increasingly tuning in and even trying out soccer betting.

Soccer Betting on Smartphone

With local soccer still trying on its togs, Australians wishing to wager on a game often seek out televised international matches for their soccer betting. Online and especially mobile soccer betting is ideal for wagering on such a global sport as it brings all of the action right to the palm of your hand.

Mobile Soccer Betting on Teams, Leagues and Soccer Championships

With our fine mobile sportsbooks, you can extend your soccer betting experience to include Germany’s Bundesliga, the English Premier League (EPL), the UEFA Champions League, Italy’s Serie A, Spain’s La Liga, Australia’s own A-League, and various other large and small local and international tourneys.

So, whether you’re for Bayern Munich, Man City, Real Madrid, Juventus, Atlético Madrid, Brisbane Roar, the Socceroos or countless other top-end soccer clubs and national teams, mobile soccer betting has you covered – almost all year round.

Smart Soccer Bets

As with any other form of sports betting, soccer betting requires extensive and continuous research of crucial facts like player form, injuries, field and weather conditions, historical win-loss ratios, home and away wins, changes to coaching staff, and the like.

Smart punters are able to gain the edge by setting their sentiment aside to place soccer best not on their favourite team but on the team that is most likely to win, based on this meticulous research.

Thrilling Soccer Betting Options

With mobile soccer betting, you are not restricted to simply betting on the outcome of a single match, although this sort of straight betting is a great place to get started. You have so many other options beyond that, including head-to-head, futures and live soccer betting!

Among others, for a single match, you could wager on the full- or half-time (Asian Handicap) score, the total number of goals, or whether an odd or even number of goals will be scored. Longer-term soccer bets can also be placed on the outcomes of entire tournaments – from final match results to log standings and scores.

What’s more, with soccer betting, you can place individual player soccer bets regarding, for example, which player will score the first or last goals, who will be the top goal-scorer of the tournament, or even which players will be penalised for foul play.

Live soccer betting is particularly exciting as it allows you to weigh in even after the game has started and our top mobile sportsbooks will stream games live to your device, provided you have an account and a certain amount of money deposited.

Start Mobile Soccer Betting Right Away

Mobile soccer betting has become the preference of thousands of Australian punters because it is fast, convenient, fun, lucrative and safe – provided you have chosen a reputable soccer betting site. That is why we have waded through countless mobile sportsbooks to bring you Australia’s premier mobile soccer betting sites and mobile betting apps, with the best odds, hundreds of matches annually, interesting soccer betting options, and huge payouts for Android, iOS, Windows Mobile and more.