Mobile Cricket Betting

With four-time champions, Australia set to co-host the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup with New Zealand later this year, cricket fever is spreading like wildfire down under. Not that we aren’t ordinarily pretty much cricket crazy anyway.

As a Commonwealth nation, we are one of the few proud heirs of the “gentleman’s game”, with some of Australia’s finest sons and daughters making indelible marks on the sport.

Naturally, no weekend barbeque is complete without a few friendly cricket bets among mates on the outcome of whatever match is currently on the telly. But have you ever wanted to take it a step further? Even if you’re not generally much of a gambler, have you ever considered placing real cricket bets with an actual bookmaker for proper AU$ payouts?

Perhaps you have, but just the word “bookie” makes you want to head for the hills. Or, maybe, like most of us, you simply don’t have the time or the money to attend all the games you’d like to bet on. After all, who can afford to take five days off to watch a test match these days?

With mobile cricket betting you don’t have to! Mobile cricket betting is quick, safe and easy and allows you to make deposits, check odds, place cricket bets, withdraw winnings and more anytime, anywhere, via your smart phone or iPad betting app.

We have assembled a list and reviews of the leading Australian mobile sportsbooks that offer the best mobile cricket betting odds, free bets, payouts and more on a wide variety of matches almost all year round.

There are a number of different types of cricket matches and they vary considerably – particularly when it comes to length. Each different type of cricket match offers a unique appeal to player, spectator and punter alike.

With test cricket, for example, where each match spans five days, bettors can find themselves on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster as the lead changes hands several times over the course of the game.

One-day or limited-overs cricket, meanwhile, restricts play to just six hours or a single day. This minimises the time investment and simplifies the cricket betting process considerably.

Finally, with its lightning-speed pace of just 20 overs or three hours, Twenty20 Cricket is a highly popular choice for cricket betting.

Types of Cricket Betting on Mobile

Of course, the classic to-win wager, where you pick a team to win a particular match, will never go out of style and it an ideal choice for beginner bettors.

However, there are plenty more cricket betting options to keep the attention of more practised punters.

A popular variation on the to-win bet is spread betting, whereby bettors attempt to predict the final score of a match. This type of cricket bet is appealing because the odds tend to be better – particularly if there is a very definite favourite.

Player cricket bets are another cricket betting favourite, with punters weighing in on everything from the top wicket-taker, lead scorer and top batsman, to who will hit the first six or take the first wicket.

More complex and interesting multi cricket bets can also be made prior to the start of a larger tournament like the World Cup regarding which teams will reach the final eight, four or two – either in their specific places or in any order.

Start Mobile Cricket Betting

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