Mobile Cycling Betting

Not only has the introduction of online and mobile bookmakers made traditional betting sports like horse racing and boxing more accessible, it has also opened it up for a whole new legion of other sports, ideal but hitherto rarely considered for wagering.

One such sport is road cycling, which, with its highly competitive nature, is perfect for betting although it has been overlooked by many punters until recently.

Now, with Aussie names littering the mighty Union Cycliste Internationale’s list of the world’s top road cyclists, cycling betting is particularly appealing to Australians, who have always enjoyed a good sporting bet.

More and more Australian mobile sportsbooks are now offering cycling betting so that you can make deposits, check odds, place wagers, withdraw winnings and more anywhere you go, at any time of day. All you need is a smart phone or iPad betting app and an internet connection!

Presented here are the leading Australian mobile betting sites that offer cycling betting with the largest range of races, best odds, exciting betting options, and huge payouts. These bookmakers offer easy-to-navigate sites and easy-to-download apps with highly secure payment options to keep your financial information safely out of harm’s way.

Thrilling Local and International Cycle Tours Bets

All of the mobile cycling betting sites on our list offer odds on the Grand Tours – Giro d’Italia, Vuelta a España and, of course, Tour de France.

But, in addition to these iconic cycling events, you will also find cycling betting on other UCI ProTour favourites such as the Tour de Suisse and Australia’s own Tour down Under, as well as numerous other exciting races and tours, including the Mars Cycling Australia Road National Championships (the Nationals).

Great Variety of Mobile Cycling Betting Options

Cycling betting offers a wide array of wagering options to satisfy the tastes of the careful newcomer and the experienced thrill-seeker alike.

The most straightforward of these is the outright winner or win bet, with which you put your money on a cyclist to win a race overall. You can also opt for a place bet on the cyclists that you predict will place in the top two or three (sometimes more) positions. If you’re considering a place and a win bet, you can make an each-way bet, which combines the two.

A unique option with cycling betting is stage betting, which allows you to bet on the outcomes of individual stages of a race instead of the whole thing. With Grand Tours, this leaves you with 21 stages each to bet on!

If you’re keen on something a little more colourful, consider an exotic bet such as a wager on a particular cyclist’s result over the course of a single day or even just one lap. Although exotic bets tend to be must riskier and should be approached with caution, there is potential for handsome rewards.

Finally, multi bets allow you to bet on multiple results with one, single bet. Cycling betting examples include picking four cyclists to finish in the top 5 or seven in the top 10. The real risk (and the thrill) of multi bets is that, even if only one part of the bet doesn’t pan out, you lose the entire wager.

Start Cycling Betting on your Mobile Now

If you sign up with more than one of the excellent Australian mobile cycling betting sites reviewed here, you will be able to shop around for the best wagering options, odds, free bets and payouts. Then all that remains is for you to pick a race and place your bets!