Click to Call Betting

Australians looking for the best way to place in-play wagers will be thrilled with William Hill’s revolutionary new Click to Call betting feature. Never before has placing live bets been this simple and if you’re looking for the fastest way to wager whilst a game is in progress, then you won’t find a better option.

Australian mobile betting with live sporting events is governed by the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 that states that all bets placed after a live event begins must be conducted telephonically. This has been a stumbling block for many and until now, it was a rather complicated affair that could take time and didn’t always see punters attain the desired result. Click to Call has changed all of this and revolutionised the way live bets are placed. With no requirement to speak to an operator, yet still meeting all the guidelines as set out by the 2001 act, this new type of in-play betting looks set to change the way Australians wager online.

A Simple Online Betting Process

To enjoy all the advantages of the Click to Call feature all you need to do is ensure that your computer’s microphone is on and that you have an internet connection. Thereafter you’ll need to navigate to the Will Hill site, open the live betting page and make a selection from the vast array of betting markets available. You’ll then choose your stake and click on the ‘Call to Place Live Bet’ button. Once your call is active you’ll be presented with 3 different options from which you’ll need to choose. You can either cancel your bet which will also end your call, confirm your bet or hit replay, which will replay the options and the odds of the selection you have made. It really couldn’t be easier or faster and before you know it your in play bet will be placed and you can get back to watching the action unfold.

Efficient Online Betting at its Best

Click to Call is 100% legal and with William Hill’s excellent credentials you can enjoy safe, fair and secure betting with a trustworthy online bookmaker. This live betting feature is currently available for all Windows and Mac computers, as well as smartphones and tablets that are able to run Chrome and Firefox. Betting takes place in browser and an iOS compatible version of the software is also in the works.

It’s never been this simple to enjoy live betting online and Click to Call has opened up a whole new world for punters who previously avoided in play betting via telephone, as it was too much of a hassle. William Hill has always been at the forefront of betting innovations and this established sportsbook knows exactly how to make an Australian punter happy.

Premium Live Betting with Click to Call

With its Click to Call betting feature William Hill has changed the face of live betting whilst still remaining within the parameters of Australian law. This new way of wagering gives in play betting a boost and provides Australians with a quick and easy way to place bets on a sporting event that’s already in progress which means that live cricket, rugby or AFL betting is now possible. Filling a niche in the market that was as yet untapped, this innovative option is ideal for any punter who loves the thrill of in play betting.